Host a Portal Party for groups of new users

For staff members that do not currently have A&A accounts in EdPortal, the most effective way to complete the process is by hosting a ‘Portal Party’ to have everyone follow the instructions in a group setting. The portal party method is recommended because it supports team collaboration and more efficient troubleshooting, making it easier for both staff and leaders.

How to host a Portal Party:

1. Schedule one (or more) times to gather a group of staff members that will need access to the Panorama Student Success application. Staff meetings or PD days are particularly good for this!
Important: Staff members must create their own individual A&A accounts in EdPortal. Do not have someone else try to create accounts for staff or create a shared A&A account. Both are a breach of state data security.
2. Confirm that staff members do not have existing A&A accounts. Please don’t skip this step or simply ask staff if they have one… they may not realize or remember that they have one. Many applications are accessed via EdPortal, including the current Healthy Indicator Reports in EdInsight, so it’s likely that a good portion of people have existing accounts. Use the instructions at the bottom of the EdPortal page: Think you might have an A&A account? Forgot your user ID or password?
Note: If staff have changed districts in the last few years, they may have access under their previous assignment (likely using the previous district’s email address). They should not create a new account, that existing account can be updated. Contact the EdPortal support team for assistance, if needed.
3. Walk the group through the instructions in  Creating a new A&A account in EdPortal .
4. Wait for auto-provisioning to get access. Once the accounts are set up (or updated), inform staff that they should NOT request access to Panorama Student Success in EdPortal! There is an automatic process called ‘auto provisioning’ that uses the staff data and user roles entered your student information system to grant access to the application in EdPortal. 


A&A accounts and the EdPortal site are supported by the EdPortal team and the majority of the support information and tutorials for the A&A are located on the EdPortal home page. 

When to contact the EdPortal Team: 

If you encounter problems at any point in the EdPortal setup process, the contact for assistance is the EdPortal team.The EdPortal support team contact information is on the EdPortal home page. Contact the EdPortal team for if you encounter issues with: 

  • setting up your A&A account 
  • accessing the EdPortal website 
  • password issues or A&A account locked 
  • updating your A&A information 

When to contact the IDOE support team via

  • you can log into your A&A account but there is no MTSS link 
  • any other problem after you click the Panorama Student Success link in EdPortal 

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