Where do I go for help?

With three integrated data systems it can be hard to decide where to go for support. Remember that all three have different vendors, programmers and supports. You will receive the quickest response if you start with the right support system. If you are thinking about FAST and Student Success, use the ticket system for the system where you SEE the problem. View the MTSS Systems Support Map for Users for an expanded version of the information below

Questions about... Where to go for support...
A&A account on EdPortal
  • New account setup
  • Updating existing account
  • Troubleshooting access to EdPortal
EdPortal team
  • Please use the directions and tutorials found on the portal login page
  • ed.portal@iowa.gov
  • 515-725-2040
FastBridge system
  • Accessing and using FastBridge
  • Universal screening and progress monitoring assessments
  • Student assessment scores
  • Rosters in FastBridge
  • Troubleshooting issues in FastBridge
Knowledge Base link in the upper left corner of the FastBridge system for documented resources
If additional assistance is needed beyond the resources, click Support in the upper left corner of the FastBridge system and complete the form to submit a request or email help@fastbridge.org. 

To follow up on existing requests, you can reply to the automatically created email or log into the support system by clicking on Support in the upper left corner of FastBridge then Sign in (upper right). 

Important: Support for Iowa users is not available via the chat or phone options in Fastbridge.

Panorama Student Success (MTSS Data System)
  • Access and using Student Success
  • Healthy Indicator and student level reports
  • Rosters in Student Success
  • Intervention tracking
  • Troubleshooting issues in Student Success
Help link in the upper right corner of Student Success

Need help link in the lower right corner of Student Success

If additional assistance is needed beyond the resources:

  • Click Ask in the Need Help popup box


  • Email support_Iowa@panoramaed.com
Not sure? Choose the support for the location where you see the issue (or where you don’t see what you expect). Otherwise, email support_iowa@panoramaed.com and we’ll help connect you with the appropriate team or resources.

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