How to Maintain the District's Intervention Library

The Intervention Library allows the district to manage the bank of intervention strategies that appear in the intervention drop-down for all users in the district. Only the Intervention Bank Editor can manage the Intervention Library.  An intervention bank editor is one district user that was nominated by your district. Note: Users can enter a custom strategy when creating an intervention plan but that strategy will not be banked in the drop-down. View the list of Intervention Library Editors.

The Intervention Library is pre-populated with interventions by Panorama. Only the literacy interventions have been reviewed by the Iowa Department of Education as research based. You can keep any/all of them in the active list, or remove interventions that are not used in your district.

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View Intervention Library

  1. Click on your initial in the top right corner of the page
  2. Select Intervention Library from the drop down

Note: If you have access to multiple districts, you will need to select the desired district on the District, School or Students tab before clicking on your initial.

Add an Intervention Strategy

For ELI purposes, any intervention strategies that you add to the library be research validated. 

  1. Click Create a strategy
  2. Enter the strategy name. Tip: Consistent intervention names will improve later reports on intervention effectiveness
  3. Set tier by clicking the unwanted tier to deselect it so that only the correct tier has a checkmark
  4. Select recommended grade levels
  5. Enter an intervention description (optional). Note: this description is not visible to other users.
  6. Click Save

Tip:  Users will still have the option to create a custom intervention strategy when setting up an individual or group intervention plan. Those strategies are not populated into the library for future use and will be summarized in the intervention effectiveness report as “other”.

Edit an Existing Intervention Strategy

  1. Click the pencil icon on the right
  2. Edit strategy details
  3. Click Save

Remove an Intervention Strategy

Important! Once deleted, the strategy can't be restored (it would have to be re-entered) so caution and collaboration are encouraged to ensure that you delete only the interventions that won't be used.

  1. Click on the strategy to expand and show the details
  2. In the lower right corner, click Delete Strategy
  3. In the confirmation pop-out, click Delete

Pre-populated Interventions

Panorama provides a library of default intervention strategies that educators can select from when creating intervention plans for students. Only the literacy interventions have been reviewed by the Iowa Department of Education and determined to be research based. All other interventions are provided as a courtesy by Panorama and have not been reviewed.

Panorama's full list of interventions for Iowa that are pre-populated into the district's library is linked below. You can always see this information, as well as any of your district's custom strategies, by creating a new intervention and navigating to the drop-down list of strategies.

View the list of pre-populated interventions HERE

Additional tips on adding strategies to your Intervention Library

  • If a research validated intervention includes multiple components used regularly in conjunction with each other, you may find it helpful to create a single intervention strategy in the library, rather than separate strategies for each component. Tip: You can use the ‘Add a Note’ feature available on the student’s intervention plan graph to help track the transition from one component of the intervention to the next.
  • Title I or Special Education services are not intervention strategies and don’t belong in the Intervention Library. Title I/Special Education is a place where interventions may occur, they are not the intervention itself. 
  • Do not list teacher or student names as strategies. The idea is to represent the specific research-based interventions that have been adopted by the district and are consistently used by multiple teachers with students. Keeping the intervention names constant across all implementations of the same strategy will allow a summary view of the effectiveness of the strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Who is our intervention bank editor?

View the list of intervention library editors.

How do we change our intervention bank editor?

Each district may have one intervention bank editor so the selection of that editor must be a district team decision. The editor must have a District User role in Student Success. To change your editor, a member of the leadership team should email to request the change. Please include the new editor's first and last name and email address. Don't forget to notify staff in the district of the change!

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