FAQ: Why are HSAP and Dual-Enrolled Students Included in HI?

Healthy Indicators are used locally to have a conversation about the health of the system. For this reason, the maximum number and type of students enrolled is included in the Student Success visual displays. In addition to  the classroom user view, which is populated by user roles and class schedules, some additional students are included in the total population. Enrollment by grade and building includes students who are supported through home-school dual-enrollment and Homeschool Assistance Programs (HSAP).

The logic behind including more students than may be visible in Fastbridge or in the classroom user view is:

  1. Even if HSAP or dual-enrolled homeschool students do not receive literacy instruction, the district shares responsibility for the student by way of ELI requirements and state funding.
  2. HSAP and dual-enrolled homeschool families should be offered screening (and subsequent monitoring and intervention), however in this unique instance, they may decline either or both supports.
  3. This creates a low pressure situation where districts may discuss literacy with families, while still respecting the family decision-making. Think about having an early warning system related to a disease that helps identify a serious problem while it’s small and can be easily treated and then knowingly withholding it from families.

Uncertain whether a student should be included in your data? 

See: FAQ: Why is this Student Visible in Student Success for information on the criteria and troubleshooting student inclusion in your data.

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