Frequently Asked Healthy Indicator Questions

Q: A student moved in from another Iowa district and was screened there in the window. Should we re-administer the assessment or will the score from the other Iowa district count on our HI reports?

Healthy Indicator reports are populated by a snapshot of the student information system (SIS) and screening data available in Panorama Student Success on the last day of the screening window. Changes made in the SIS or scores collected/connected after the window is closed will not be reflected in the reports.

  • If the student moved in after the screening window closed, the student will not be included on HI reports, except the Weekly Monitoring report. 
  • If the student moved in before the end of the screening window, the score from the previous district will be included in your HI reports, with a couple of 'if/then' qualifications:
    • If all of the required student demographic data (including the student's state ID) and school enrollment information has been received from your SIS before the last day of the screening window, then the student will be included in the HI report’s enrollment number.
    • If the assessment that your school selected as your default was administered to the student at the previous school during the screening window, the assessment will be counted on the HI reports.
    • Because it's a snapshot of the last day of the screening window, if any piece of the above is not present in Panorama Student Success on the last day of the screening window, the student and/or assessment won't be counted on your HI reports. For example:
      • If a student's school enrollment is entered in your SIS but the state ID hasn’t been entered yet so the previous screening data doesn't connect to the student’s record in Student Success on the last day. The student will be counted in the enrollment numbers but not counted as being screened. 
      • If a student's school enrollment record isn't received from your SIS until after the window closes (even if the school start date entered is during the window), the student won't be included in most HI reports because the school enrollment data wasn’t there on the last day of the window, even if the data is entered later.

Final advice: It is not a good use of instructional time to screen incoming students with a second time assessment that has already been administered at the previous school district just to populate the HI reports. The results are likely going to be a bit skewed with the second screening due to familiarity or additional instruction time.

Why can't we see our Junior High and High School buildings on the reports?

The Healthy Indicator reports are currently limited to K-6th grade students. We will need to study the use of universal screening and other large scale assessments in early warning systems at the secondary level prior to working on incorporating the secondary data into any sort of Healthy Indicator or other report.

Does the percentage of students screened (HI #1) reflect only the default assessment, or does it combine the numbers from multiple screening assessments?

HI #1 data only reflects the default universal screener assessment, and only those collected during the screening window.

What’s the difference between “View by” and “Filters” when looking at Healthy Indicator Data?

View by supports a comparison across populations -- e.g., compare by gender. You can only break data down using 'view by'.

Filters isolate the data. E.g., 4th grade male homeless students -- narrows down to that group of students.

Why do the % screened and at benchmark on the District and School views look different than on the Students view?

The School, District, and AEA tabs capture all students who took their default assessment at that school during the screening window, while the Students tab shows students who are currently enrolled and allows the user to toggle between assessments (if more than one assessment was administered). 

If the numbers on the School and Students views are off by more than a few, it may be an indication that students were screened outside of the window. Healthy indicator reports only take into account data from our state screening windows on the school’s defined default assessment.

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