08/03/2021 - Critical Student Success and FAST information for the new year

It's time to prepare for the new school year. Welcome back. Please take the time to read the information below. There are mission critical elements that users must know for the new year.

  • Rosters will start loading in FastBridge soon. Make sure your student information system (SIS) and SIF agent are rolled over to 21-22
  • We are in the middle of a cleanup of FAST and Student Success user roles in EdPortal accounts
    • We have already deleted all roles and permissions in EdPortal and reloaded the 2020-21 permissions that were still valid. 
    • We will begin loading 21-22 assignments in EdPortal within the next two days. All remaining 20-21 user roles will be deleted after a few weeks.
    • Users with no valid role from 20-21 or 21-22 will lose access during this process. Make sure you review and follow the directions for setup of roles here: For District/School Staff and For AEA Staff. Remind new staff or staff with name changes to update their EdPortal account to reflect their new email and new district, when applicable (see links above).
  • Don’t forget to review the Back to school checklist for required and recommended tasks to complete over the summer and before staff and students return to school.
    • Reminders about new school year setup in FAST- All steps (windows, assessments and rosters) are handled by the DE team. Please do not make changes to these settings. District Managers should ignore the New School Year Setup prompt. It will resolve when the first roster loads.
  • The default assessment collection has begun. There is an important clarification to the email sent by CASA today (8/2).See: Iowa: Default Assessments
  • Here is the registration link for the Conditions for Learning survey webinar on August 19 (it will be recorded): https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_gJrxoj-5Rzyqqa9AUNX0ZQ
  • FastBridge has made several changes that they recently announced in an email and webinar. Some of them do not apply to Iowa users, Several others need clarification for Iowa users. Visit the FastBridge Product Release page for more details. Below is a basic overview:
    • There are a few minor but critical changes to the screening materials for 1st grade Sentence Reading and CBM-Reading.New student and teacher screening materials MUST be printed for the Sentence Reading subtest of EarlyReading and 1st grade CBM-R. The changes should not affect student scores and do not affect progress monitoring materials. 
    • The main Progress Monitoring/Intervention user interface has been redesigned. The new version should be active now for academics (literacy and math). The same interface will follow later this Fall for behavior. There will be articles in the Knowledge Base and a tutorial to support use of the redesigned interface.
      • Note that interventions and grouping in FastBridge do not transfer to Student Success, only scores are transferred. It may be more efficient to only set up interventions in Student Success, at least where required in K-3, but encouraged at all grades to take advantage of the intervention effectiveness and other analysis features in Student Success.
    • There were Benchmarks and/or norm updates for the following:
      • aReading and aMath for grades 7-8 only
      • SAEBRS for grades K-12 - moving from two levels to three and from criterion referenced to norm referenced benchmarks
      • mySAEBRS for grades 2-12
      • All other benchmarks and norms remain unchanged
      • mySAEBRS is now available in Spanish (Grades 2-12)
    • FastBridge is merging their corporate website with Illuminate’s. This will have no effect on Iowa users. Ignore the login directions from FastBridge. Iowa users will still use their Iowa Education Portal login to access FAST (see above for links to directions). 
    • There are minor changes to the FastBridge support request (ticket) process. To view or reply to existing support requests, users have two options:
      • Access via email. Whether the support request is submitted on the FastBridge support page or by emailing help@fastbridge.org, an automatic email is received. You can review or reply to that email except as noted below.
      • Access using the ‘Support’ link in FastBridge, which is via the new support system called Zendesk. See:Iowa: I need help! FastBridge Support for Iowa Users. Note: If you select ‘secure ticket’ when submitting a support request in FastBridge, you will be required to log into Zendesk to view/reply to communications.
    • Need helpor have questions and not sure who to contact? See the Support Map for Users

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