Secondary Schools in Student Success

We have started a soft rollout of the Early Warning System for secondary schools in Panorama Student Success. The intent is to build out a set of data tools for use in early warning systems and MTSS. There is no accountability tied to this. Initially, the rollout includes the following, which will be displayed primarily on the Overview report and the student's individual profile page:

    • Daily and period attendance (if enabled in SIS)
      • Check with your student information vendor for assistance enabling these elements if they are not currently visible. We are loading data that is available in the SIS SIF feed. For assistance troubleshooting, please use the Student Success ticket system (green help link in the lower right). Include a specific student example with the district, building, student name, and example dates where there is an absence.
    • Behavior (if enabled in SIS)
      • Same as above, but include a specific example of a behavior incident. 
      • The behavior displays are fed by office referral information. The quality of data is dependent on the coding in your SIS.  
    • Traditional grades (ABCDF and %), others may phase in over time (if enabled in SIS)
      • Other non-standard grades are not active yet. Over time we will begin work to map these into the system.  In particular, standards based grades are very difficult to adapt to the data format used here. 
    • ISASP
      • Prior to approximately November, the data displayed will be from two years previous. We cannot post the ISASP data until it has been reviewed and posted for ESSA designations, which usually occurs in November or December. After that, the data will be from the prior year.
    • Other data will be studied for potential incorporation over time.
      • We intend to study the use of universal screening and other large scale assessments in early warning systems at the secondary level prior to working on incorporating the data into the system. For now, secondary data will not be included on the Healthy Indicator reports nor will the students have a literacy status (ELI).

    As a part of the phase-in for secondary schools, we offered webinar training opportunities. Each session was recorded and posted in the Student Success resource library, along with videos from past sessions.

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