Who to contact for Iowa myIGDIs help

Who to Contact


Heather Miller
  • To add seats for districts/programs that already have seats
  • To add Numeracy or ProLadr (for district purchase)
My IGDIs Support
or (800) 338-4204
  • Help with logging in
  • Help if your password isn’t working
  • Help with adding a new classroom
  • As a reminder, new schools/partners may be added by the district myIGDIs contact if sufficient seats are available.
  • If a district has no ACTIVE seats
  • Troubleshooting for rostering students
  • Any additional needs that pertain to the myIGDIs data system dashboard
Intake Survey
  • Use the Intake Survey... 
    • To begin using myIGDIs for the 2022-2023 school year.
    • New for 2022-2023: We are asking all public districts to complete the myIGDIs Intake Survey. Those currently administering myIGDIs will only need to complete the first few items. Those interested in administering myIGDIs for the first time in the 2022-2023 school year will need to complete all items. 
    • If you need to update the district contact during the school year, complete the first few items of the Intake Survey.
Iowa Department of Education myIGDIs Project Manager
Mary Breyfogle
General myIGDIs questions.
These questions may still be routed to myIGDIs support.

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