myIGDIs Student Success Q&A

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Can anyone use myIGDIs?

See: Who is myIGDIs for?

When will we see myIGDIS data in Student Success? 

myIGDIs data is now available in Student Success

What information is available for the PK grade level in Student Success?

Student Success includes behavior and attendance  information (when available) from the school’s student information system for 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds in PK, as well as myIGDIs data for 4-, and 5-year-olds in preschool.
Academic displays need to be reviewed carefully for programs that serve 3-year-olds in PK.  Only 4- and 5-year-olds are eligible for myIGDIs Early Literacy assessment, but all PK students are represented in the data. This means that 3-year-olds may make the percent assessed and percent meeting benchmarks appear lower, because they are included in the data but are not eligible for myIGDIs assessment. It is likely only an issue for those looking at data summaries.

Where will we find the data?

You will find scores on the individual student pages and on the reports available on the Students tab, but not in healthy indicator reports, which are K-6 only.

How do I get access for my preschool teacher?

The process is exactly the same as any other user needing access to Student Success. You can find the directions here.

I already have access to Student Success. What does this mean for me?

If you already have access to Student Success and preschool is a part of your elementary school view, scores will begin to be visible without further set up. Specialists will be able to view learner level data for the building they are assigned to and preschool teachers will see data for students on their classroom roster.

What about community partner preschool teachers? 

Data are tied to the students’ information in the district’s student information system. In order to support myIGDIs data integration with Student Success, community partner preschool teachers will have to be set up in the public school’s school information system (SIS) with a role, and assigned to the school and class to tie the teacher to the student roster. Staff should work with the district’s data entry person for proper data entry and role assignment in the district’s SIS.

Where are the rest of the questions and answers?

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