ISASP Data in Student Success

About ISASP Data in Student Success

ISASP data is available on the Literacy, Mathematics, and Science reports on the Students tab and on the individual student profile page. ISASP data is not available on the Overview report or any of the Healthy Indicator reports (State, AEA, District, or School tabs). The data visible in Student Success were collected during the previous school year. They are imported into Student Success during the winter, after the Iowa School Performance Profile reports are released each year.

Note about school buildings added to Panorama Student Success in the Fall of 2021 (usually middle or high schools): ISASP data integration is inconsistent for these locations. Since the buildings were not active in the system during the 2020-21 school year, there isn’t roster information available to connect the data between the student and the school for that year.

Viewing ISASP Data in Student Success

On the Students tab, select Literacy, Math, or Science on the left menu. Refine the view as desired using the filters on the left menu. 

As multiple years of ISASP data become available in Student Success, use the school year selector in the upper right corner of the report to view previous school years or view historical data for individual students on their profile page by clicking on the student’s name.

ISASP Cutpoints

  • A = Advanced (dark green)
  • P = Proficient (light green)
  • N = Not Yet Proficient (red)

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