myIGDIs Progress Monitoring

Administering myIGDIs Progress Monitoring

Preschool progress monitoring measures are available and administered using the myIGDIs app on iPads with Bluetooth® enabled. The data is transferred nightly from the myIGDIs system to display in Panorama Student Success.

Progress monitoring in preschool has unique features, compared to other grade levels:

  • You can progress monitor every 3 weeks or more. There is no weekly option.
  • It is recommended to administer myIGDIs early in each screening window, if possible. This will provide maximum opportunities for progress monitoring, since progress monitoring may not begin until after screening occurs. 
  • It is not recommended to monitor progress on any more than one to two subtests at a time.
  • If the majority of the children in a classroom do not meet a subtest’s benchmark, progress monitoring them all is not recommended nor a good use of instructional time. Instead, focus on providing increased intentional and powerful learning opportunities for all learners within the universal tier.  
  • When a learner does not meet benchmark on multiple subtests, provide additional instruction/support in areas that are most predictive of later risk (Sound ID/alphabet knowledge and/or Picture Naming/oral language) and progress monitor using one or both of the subtests. Match progress monitoring to the supports the individual receives. Note: Progress monitoring is not an intervention.

Do not administer progress monitoring simply for the sake of it, as it is not a wise use of precious instructional time, in particular at the preschool grade level. The intent of progress monitoring data is to use it to know if the intervention/additional support being provided is effective. If progress monitoring data trends do not indicate improvement, consider whether the child is receiving additional support as intended, or whether adjustments to small group/individualized instruction may be needed.

Viewing myIGDIs Progress Monitoring in Student Success

myIGDIs progress monitoring scores will display for individuals on line graphs. See example below.

Interventions may be entered and evaluated in Panorama Student Success but this is not a requirement for preschool. The links below provide more information on adding preschool interventions to the bank, creating intervention plans for individual and groups of learners, as well as using the data to evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions.

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