Tools for Interpreting myIGDIs Data in Student Success

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Color key for myIGDIs in Student Success

The cutpoints and color key for the myIGDIs assessment differs from the other assessments in Student Success. The table and animated examples below  display the colors and meaning to support score interpretation. For more information, see myIGDIs Early Literacy Scoring and Benchmarks.

In addition to color coding, if you hover over the score on a report, the risk level and tier will be displayed, as shown below.

myIGDIs test and areas measured

Tool for examining data myIGDIs data in Student Success

The Using myIGDIs Data to Answer Questions document can be used to support examination of your myIGDIs data in Student Success to answer questions at a systems and learner level


  • Which children are missing screening information?
  • What percentage of children are low risk (strong progress) on each subtest?
  • What percentage of children are at-risk (moderate progress; discontinued) on each subtest?
  • Are there areas that appear to need more support in general (oral language, alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, early comprehension)?
  • Is the percentage of children who are low risk increasing from one screening window to the next, for each subtest? 


  • Who has needs?
  • If learners’ scores indicate risk, what is the instructional need (based on what is assessed by the subtest in which the child scored in the at-risk range)?
  • Are learners maintaining low risk status from one screening window to the next, or moving from at-risk status to low risk status?
  • Has additional instruction/support worked, e.g., based on progress monitoring data?

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