8/1/2022 - IMPORTANT new year info for FAST & Student Success

Welcome back to the new year. There are several important updates below. Please take time to check this out and make sure your colleagues are also aware of these topics.

FAST updates

  • FastBridge has a number of important updates. Read about them here. FastBridge Summer 2022 Release Summary.pdf Key points are:
    • New and improved PM setup interface is coming soon and requires district opt in
    • New scoring directions for EarlyMath Number Sequence
    • New training and certification for some tests
    • aMath 9-12 out of lab status
    • New benchmarks for CBMmath CAP, COMPefficiency and aMath 9-12
  • Rosters should be loading as of 8/12. If not, FIRST make sure you have students enrolled, scheduled to classes and with StateStudent IDs. Make sure your SIS and SIF agent are set to send 22-23 data. Submit a ticket in FAST with a specific student example or two if all else checks out OK.
  • We strongly encourage all teachers to recertify for any tests they administer each year. 
  • Click here for Screening window dates
  • For information about FAST management for Iowa users, check out this article

Student Success

  • Rosters should be loading as of 8/10. See above for diagnostic tips. Submit a support request with details to support_iowa@panoramaed.comfor Student Success issues. 
  • We are continuing to work on refining the functionality of the overview page, attendance, behavior and grades. Watch for more information about these data sources in upcoming months. 

Managing EdPortal access to FAST and Student Success

  • We will use the same process of setting permissions for users in the local SIS and logging in via the Iowa Education Portal. See:LEA MTSS Access Guide and AEA MTSS Access Guide for details. Please bookmark them so you can find them and always have the current version.
  • Make sure that new/transferred staff update their old portal account to the new district rather than just creating a new one, updating the district and email address in their portal accounts. Instructions are linked in step 1 of the resource above. Users creating new portal accounts need to log all the way into their new portal account and set their home district before they can get roles assigned. 

Workflow for the start of the year

  • Set up PM for students in FAST. If no start score yet, backfill with the first PM score. No need to set up interventions in FAST. We recommend setting up the PM to run all year, then discontinue or edit as needed, rather than opening and closing multiple PM setups for the same student and assessment.
  • Set up interventions in Student Success and link to the PM assessment from FAST to fill the graph. Set the interventions up to run the full year and then end early or edit if needed. 
  • Visit the Iowa Back-to-School Checklist for Schools for a list of additional required and recommended tasks.

Sign up for Early Warning System email updates. share this link with others to join this email list. We use this list to send out emails like this one to people working with MTSS/Early Warning Systems tasks in FAST and Student Success.

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