10/12/2022 FAST system PM update

FastBridge released a new progress monitoring setup process a month or so ago. After many users tested this format over the last month, it appears to be reliable and easier to use than the old method.Iowa users will begin to use the new form when creating or editing PM schedules for students beginning October 15th. This should be a seamless transition for us all.

What does this mean for Iowa users?

  • The information used is the same, it’s just entered differently.
  • Instead of a narrow setup window on the right margin of the screen the new setup interface will cover most of the screen and be much easier to view and navigate.
  • It is also much easier to skip intervention setup and only create a PM schedule. Remember that intervention entry in FAST does not transfer to Student Success.
  • There is no need to do anything to the existing PM setups created with the old process. They will continue to work and can be edited using the new interface when needed.
  • FastBridge has a 9 minute video that explains the new PM setup. You can find it here:https://fastbridge.illuminateed.com/hc/en-us/articles/8717677761947-Video-New-Progress-Monitoring-Form Keep in mind that FastBridge produces videos and other support materials for a national audience and they don’t always align with Iowa requirements or processes.
  • We will work to update related articles in the Iowa section of the FAST Knowledge base over the next few weeks. 

If you encounter any issues or questions about the new PM setup, please let us know via the FAST ticket system. As always, provide details and screenshots to help us understand the concern.

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