11/3/2022 Portal cleanup for FAST and Student Success

This weekend we will remove all FAST and Student Success roles and permissions from the Iowa Education Portal and then reload permissions from the current, valid assignments coming from the district SIS. We are doing this to improve security by removing roles and assignments that are no longer active in the SIS. Users will experience one of the following:

  • Every current user will get an email from the portal announcing that they have had roles assigned. This is OK, its just confirming that the valid roles are still there.
  • Roles that are no longer active in the SIS will disappear from the portal. This means that some users will lose access to functionality they should no longer have.
  • Users who have no current assignments in the SIS will lose access if they were relying on an old, defunct role. To fix this, they will need to have new roles assigned in the SIS. Follow this link to directions for assigning roles. The new roles should be imported overnight.
  • Users who have had an email address change in the district SIS but have not updated their portal account with the new email address will lose access. To fix, follow this link to directions for updating your email address in edportal.

We are aware of an ongoing, intermittent problem with the Iowa Education Portal not completing the login process. The system managers are investigating the cause, but we have not yet been able to find a consistent workaround or fix. If you experience this issue, just keep trying periodically.

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