1/30/2023 MTSS updates - Winter Window

This week is the final week of the Winter screening window. Below are a few important messages related to the window and system performance. Please share with your colleagues and building leadership.

  • The window will close for regular screening at the end of the day on Friday, February 3rd. Here are a few things to check on before then so that there is time to resolve any concerns identified. 
  • We will be adjusting the Winter Screening window definitions in Student Success in order to manage some recent technical issues that could affect reports such as Healthy Indicators and Literacy Status calculations. The result is that HI reports will finalize February 17th, two weeks later than the end of the regular screening window. Literacy status calculations may continue to update until February 17th. Reports will switch to “between window” views after February 17. 
  • When the screening window is over, then what?
  • In February, FastBridge is planning to purge old user roles and assignments. All users with current roles and assignments in their EdPortal accounts should be able to login and use the system as always. The main difference is that old roles and assignments no longer present in the EdPortal should be cleared out of the FastBridge interface. No action is necessary, but if users experience problems with access to FastBridge via the Iowa Education Portal, please use the FastBridge ticket system to report the concern.
  • The Iowa EdPortal is still experiencing some performance challenges intermittently impacting user access. Visit and bookmark the MTSS System Status Dashboard for updated information and workarounds for EdPortal and the other systems we support. 

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